By combining the best of the intercultural studies approach, Iowa State University’s four ethnic studies programs collaborate and operate together in offering common introductory and capstone courses toward an interdisciplinary studies major.


African and African American Studies

Students explore the history and experiences of blacks in America, Africans and people of African descent throughout the world.

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American Indian Studies

The American Indian Studies Program (AISP), [the oldest ethnic studies program at Iowa State University], currently boasts an enrollment of over 500 students, and the active participation of 8 academic departments.

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Asian American Studies

The Asian American Studies Program at Iowa State University seeks to develop curriculum and research that give an account of the cultures and collective experiences of Americans who trace their ancestry to Asian countries.

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U.S. Latino/a Studies Program

The US LS is devoted to the study of Mexican Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, Cuban Americans, Dominican Americans, and Central and South Americans living in the United States who trace their ancestry to the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America.

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