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African and African American Studies


We are delighted to welcome you to the African and African American Studies Program at Iowa State University. These are exciting times in the history of African and African American Studies. The field is expanding and re-establishing itself with a broader context of the cultures, patterns of social organizations, political economies and relationships from around the world. African and African American Studies is an interdisciplinary approach to the study and understanding of the African Diaspora – the history and experiences of African Americans, Africans and other peoples of African descent, as active and complex historical agents, in a global and dynamic context of cross-cultural interactions and exchanges. Here you will find a description of our Program, a list of our courses, information on our distinguished faculty, and links to organizations, institutions and resources of relevance to the field. We encourage you to browse through and discover the quality and uniqueness of our program.

The Program

African and African American Studies is cross-disciplinary program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences that offers students the opportunity to explore the history, and experiences of Blacks in America, Africans, and peoples of African descent across the globe. Students in the program analyze the experiences of these groups through the study of History, Literature, Art, Religion, Political Science, Psychology, Anthropology, Economics and Sociology. They gain knowledge and develop skills and sensitivities to help them function effectively in today’s diverse world. At present students can Minor, or design their own Interdisciplinary Studies Major with an emphasis, in African and African American Studies.